Operating Systems on a USB Pendrive

USB Pendrive

The first hard drive, created by IBM and introduced to the world in 1956, consisted of 50 24-inch drives. They were inside a metal frame 1.52 meters long by 1.73 meters high and 74 centimetres wide. Its storage capacity was 4.4 megabytes and it cost $ 3,200 a month to rent.

USB Pendrive

Since then we have evolved a lot. If you go into any online store, you will easily find a USB stick for less than $ 20 with a capacity of 128 GB or more. Its size is 1 centimetre by 4 centimetres by a centimetre and you can easily carry it in your pocket. Not counting on the different unlimited storage services in the cloud, such as Movistar Cloud.

All this comes to mind by Ventoy, a tool that makes it easier for you to install operating systems on a USB flash drive, the more capacity the better. The objective is to start your PC from that USB flash drive and thus run the operating system that you want and not the one that comes by default on the computer.

Pocket Operating Systems

When we talk about operating systems, the usual thing is that we have one, at most two, installed on the main disk of the computer. But with the arrival of Linux, Linux distributions that could be run from a CD / DVD disk or, as is the case, from a USB stick, became popular. All thanks to the power of current computers in terms of processor and RAM.

But Ventoy goes a little further. Who installs operating systems on a USB Pendrive installs only one. But this free open-source tool allows you to install several.

What’s more, its managers have tested more than 550 different ISO images, so you can install almost any Linux distribution but also virtual machines or versions of Windows for maintenance such as WinPE. Here you will find the complete list.

Among its versatility, at a technical level we can highlight that it supports ISO images of more than 4 GB, it gets along well with practically any PC or Mac boot such as MBR, GPT and UEFI … And if you have any questions, you will find the answer on its page documentation officer.

A Portable Toolbox

Preparing a USB flash drive with Ventoy has many practical utilities. You can take your operating system, files and documents with you with everything customized to your liking.

Another practical utility is the possibility of testing various operating systems without touching your computer’s disk so that you will not run the risk of losing documents, applications or settings.

And if you are an IT technician or you are in charge of the maintenance of a computer park, with this USB pendrive you can solve any problem directly by starting the operating systems that you have on the USB. This includes removing viruses, recovering lost files, or simply updating the operating system or applying predefined settings.

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