How To Share Links For an Entire Team

Share Links

You may just search the Internet for everything you want to know and find it instantly. But if you’re old school, you probably have a list of favourite links or bookmarks to fall back on when necessary.

Share Links

And it is that we do not always find what we are looking for in the search engine. There are very useful pages for our day to day that are not well indexed or that it is more practical to save to access directly.

What’s more, nowadays bookmarks or favourite links don’t stay in the browser. Currently, we can synchronize them between devices over the Internet or save them in online services such as Pinecone.

Save Your Favourite Links

What Pincone proposes is nothing new. It simply facilitates something we do on a daily basis and proposes a practical solution. Let’s say you browse the Internet from different devices and maybe even with different web browsers. How to always have all your favourite links at hand?

This is the purpose of Pinecone. Have a space on the Internet where you can have your links and bookmarks to organize, label them and thus always find what you need without going through the search engine.

Another of its peculiarities is that it integrates its own search engine to find the links that you save yourself. In addition, it is possible to add descriptions to facilitate the search and to add value to the favourite links that you save for the future.

Share Online With Your Team

As an addition, Pincone offers the possibility of making your selection of links public. In addition to having your private links, you can share them with your contacts or coworkers so that you have a selection of common favourite links. To create a team in this online service you must pay $ 5 per month per team.

In the future, you can also add comments to links and import bookmarks or favourite links from your browser. A practical way to keep your links in sync without depending on your browser. You just put Pincone as your home page and that’s it.

No more scattered links in WhatsApp messages, browsers and emails. Now you can centralize them in a single place, Pincone, available for you and for your friends or colleagues.

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