iPad Features Most Users Don’t Know About

iPad Features

The iPad has been transformed over the years and updates into a powerful tool for leisure and work, especially since the arrival of iPadOS. However, there are still many functions that most users are unaware of, and could be very useful. No matter what model of iPad you have, the regular iPad, the Air, the mini or the Pro, all these functions are compatible with your iPad and you probably do not know them.

iPad Features

The forgotten functions of the iPad

Many of these functions have been on the iPad for several years, others are recently created, what is certain is that there is a large majority of users who still do not know them, and this article is aimed at all of them.

Slide Over and Split View: use two apps at the same time

On the iPad, we can use two applications, or even three, at the same time thanks to two functions: Slide Over and Split View. The first one allows us to have a floating window of any application, with the second we can divide the screen in two to use two apps at the same time. The way to invoke these functions is not intuitive, since we must use the dock.

Slide Over: With this function, you can have an app in a floating window in different positions of the iPad. All you have to do is swipe up to bring up the Dock, click on an app icon and drag it up to the screen.
Split View: This is the function to have two split-screen apps, as before we have to make the Dock appear, select the app and drag it to the right edge of the iPad. We can modify its size by clicking on the intermediate area.

Undo with three fingers

The undo option can be very useful if we have accidentally deleted something, and it can be done with a gesture with three fingers. All you have to do is quickly tap with three fingers on the screen and then select Undo. You can also use three fingers and swipe left, and if you want to redo, swipe right with three fingers.

Capture a page and save it to PDF

The screen capture function of the iPad is very complete and many users are unaware that they can capture an entire web and transform it to PDF in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is take a screenshot by pressing the volume up and lock buttons at the same time, a thumbnail will appear in the lower-left corner, you must press it. At the top click on Full Page, select the extension on the right and click on Share at the top right, you will already have the PDF.

Work with USB sticks or external drives

It is something that, especially those most critical of Apple and the iPad, continue to insist and are not right. The iPad is capable of reading any USB memory, SD card or external hard drive and accessing, copying and working with your files as you would on any computer. All you have to do is have an accessory compatible with the USB-C connection of the iPad Pro or Lightning of the rest of the iPad, connect it to the iPad, open the Files app and access any external storage.

Advanced mouse or trackpad control

One of the latest additions to the iPad thanks to iPadOS. Any mouse or trackpad can connect to the iPad and add a new way of using the device. We have advanced options in Settings to configure this new form of control that can be very useful in certain applications or to use an iPad as a substitute for the traditional computer.

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