How to Save Battery Life on Your iPhone

Battery Life on Your iPhone

Managing the battery management of our devices, which tend to leave us in the lurch at the most inopportune moment, is one of the priorities of off-road users. Despite the fact that every day our iPhone has better battery management, we ignore the battery gate, and iOS is an operating system that is quite careful with it, although there are some who say otherwise, it never hurts to review the best habits for it.

Battery Life on Your iPhone

For that reason, we have prepared this post with some simple tips that are easy to apply and that should be reviewed in those moments of trouble. So let’s go with these useful tricks to prolong battery life and prevent you from being out of the game at the first change.

The Most Obvious, Use Airplane Mode

It is so simple that sometimes it is a bit of a rush to explain it, how many times we cannot use the iPhone because we are in class, in a museum or visiting a church. A simple gesture from the Control Center prevents the battery from draining, by cancelling all the device’s antennas. Although it has more useful options.

Don’t let so many apps locate you

It does not make much sense to allow apps to be active at all times. The best thing is that you mark the option “When used”, to do this go to Settings > Privacy > Location. Never take privacy as a game and shield yourself.

The happy notifications

Leave only the ones that will be useful to you. Remember that each notification is to completely turn on the screen for a while. You can easily manage them from Settings > Notifications, leaving you those that are necessary.

Avoid background updates

Avoid battery drain in the following way, go to Settings > General > Background update and disable it. This saves you the system having to check for new content.

The shine, watch out for it

Yes, an overly bright screen makes the battery drain faster. For that reason it is very interesting that you do not configure the brightness automatically, that is, deactivating TrueTone and that you make sure you have it low.

Make more use of Low Power Mode

You can enable it so that when it reaches 20 per cent capacity it is activated automatically, although you can always have it on. The savings are noticeable, and quite a lot, in addition to being able to configure it from the Control Center itself.

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