Best Ways 5G will Change Sports in 2020

5G will Change Sports

The 5G connection is in the news these days. It is one of the great technological issues of the moment. At the beginning of the month, Telefónica announced its implementation throughout Spain, without exceptions, which has caused media and social attention.

5G will Change Sports

Not surprisingly, it promises a lot: increasing the speed by more than 20 times that of 4G is just one of them. Nothing negligible, of course, but its great benefits have to do, above all, with its multiple possibilities. The connected cars, the IoT, surgeries remote … machines communicate with each other; being, finally, intelligent.

But in this digitization process, these household appliances will not be the only ones affected; also larger-scale buildings and structures. This is where the big entertainment centres come in: sports stadiums, cinemas and music venues, which will be more digital and have 5G.

Thanks to this, for example, attendees will be able to send a WhatsApp and have it arrive, which is now difficult or impossible in the midst of crowds due to network saturation. There is more.

The Case of Depor, the Smartest Stadium

Soccer fans will already know that Deportivo de la Coruña, the ‘Depor’, has the most technological stadium in all of Europe. Following an agreement with Telefónica, Ericsson and Cinfo, the Riazor has various tools to improve the experience for spectators, both those present and those who follow the games on television.

Eight cameras, including a panoramic one, will cover the development of the game. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing, they will be able to carry out analysis in real-time. Also, heat maps using augmented reality to know the performance of the soccer players.

To add more fun to the event, attendees will have a Kiss Cam, in the style of American baseball and basketball. Undoubtedly, that a giant screen focuses on you and the person sitting next to you, waiting for you to kiss or make a funny gesture, adds extra humour, dynamism and participation to the show. Don’t you think?

And it is not the first stadium that wants to enter the 5G league. The Barcelona or Atletico Madrid also confirmed as 5G will have their “houses”. A technology to which, foreseeably, the rest of the clubs will join, due to the obvious advantages it entails.

How Will Music Festivals and Concerts Change?

However, 5G innovations will not be limited to soccer. Its benefits can be extrapolated to many and diverse recreational and cultural activities to improve the user experience.

In the music sector, for example, concerts and festivals will allow the public to enjoy different sensations. It already happened at the Cruella Barcelona Festival, held last summer, in which attendees were able to recreate in real-time everything their favourite artists saw from the stage.

It was possible thanks to 3D virtual reality glasses, connected to a set of cameras, which record images in 360 degrees at 4K quality, and to powerful, state-of-the-art computers, which process all this volume of images.

Of course, for such a volume of information to get from the cameras to the virtual reality glasses, the connection must be very fast, with little latency. Just what the combination of 5G -10 GB per second- with Edge Computing provides, without which this immersive experience would be impossible due to the huge amount of data to move.

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